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5 Ways to Host a Golf Tournament

There are many reasons to host a golf outing and just as many companies or organizations that host them.  None of these organizations fit into a set way as you each have different goals to accomplish.  But it’s important to look at each type of possible golf outing so your organization can make the best decision that fits your top priorities. 


This is the most popular reason an organization will host a golf tournament.  This is great for nonprofits, schools, civic groups, and charities.  It’s important to have a motivated committee with good contacts.  To make a profit you will need sponsors and this is sold through a well-connected and motivated committee.  This is where you pull on the heartstrings.


This is an excellent way to entertain customers, prospects and donors.  The goal is to host a first class event that makes an impression on the players that they will remember. You are not trying to make money on the event.  The goal is to do business with guests after the event.   Donors will give more, customers will stay loyal and prospects will do more business with you in the future.  


Media coverage will be valuable to your organization.  TV, Social Media, Print all of these will be worth thousands to your organization.  The key is doing something unique so the media will want to highlight your event.  So it cannot be a typical golf tournament.  Consider celebrities, golf pros, Golfathon, Night Golfing or any other unique theme. 


This is a great concept for Associations, Conference and Chambers. The mission is to mingle your members and vendors together.  The secret is to incorporate mixers allowing golfers and sponsors to meet each other and spend time together on the course. 


This format can be different and fun for golfers, as it’s about determining the best golfer in different categories.  It can still be a fundraiser but the priority is on the competition.  The scoring method is individual stroke play gross and or net. 

Each of these events has a different purpose and objective.  The goal is to determine which type will work best for your group.  We at Blue Wings Golf can help you create a business plan to help implement it and be successful.  

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