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6 Key Things Needed to Plan a Golf Tournament

These are 6 basic categories that need to be in the business plan for each golf event to be successful.  These categories are for any type of event from fundraising to networking it all should be on the plan. 


This could be staff from your company, volunteers and a professional tournament planner.  This group of people will be the secret to your success so make sure you have thought this through.  A well trained and motivated committee will take your event to the next level.  


This is an important part to consider and a big part of your business plan.  The number one thing golfers ask is “What golf course are we playing?”  More golfers will play if it is a golf course they like or have always wanted to play at. 


As golf planning professionals we have found not giving yourself enough time is the biggest mistake groups make. You must give yourself 6-9 months to create a detailed timeline to have a successful golfing event. 


Always include a budget in your plan with specific income and expenses.  This will help you make money if that is your goal but also set a standard for the next golf tournament. 


Getting the word out is a key objective your committee should be working on.  The more people that know about your event the easier it will be to get golfers and sponsors for events.  This is word of mouth, media, print and don’t forget the actual golf course. 


It’s crucial in filling your field to take the time to identify the golfers that you want to reach.  The average event only has 72 golfers, that is half of what you could have of 144 golfers. So make sure your plan has a way to identify and recruit golfers.

If you take the time to put these 6 key items into your golf tournament plan you will be successful.  We at Blue Wings Golf can help you create a business plan to help implement and to keep the team on track so you can have a successful event.     

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