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What to Do in the Off-Season: A Guide for Tournament Planners

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Most Tournament Planners start planning their event 60 days before their event, which means not having enough time to reach their goals. Tournament Planners need at least 6 months to do it right.

Take advantage of the winter months to start planning your events.

Top 8 Things to do in the off-season when planning a golf outing

  1. Evaluation
    Review past event. Not just the good but what went wrong.
  2. Research
    Where your past golfers are coming from and their likes/dislikes.
  3. Golf Course
    Secure your course and perhaps go out and talk to new courses to discuss a different location.
  4. Committee
    Put the committee together now and have them start asking sponsors
  5. Sponsors
    The new year is when everyone is setting their sponsorship budgets so ask now.
  6. Golfers
    Survey your past golfers.
  7. Promotion
    Golfing shows are happening in February and March in the major cities in the Pacific NW so consider attending as a guest to research sponsors and all golf themed items.
  8. Gifts and Prizes
    Now is the time to look at all the clearance items from the past year.

Take advantage of the downtime and use it to prepare for a successful event.

We at Blue Wings Golf can help you create a business plan to help implement and to keep the team on track so you can have a successful event.

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